Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Happy Spring!

All about eggs.

Eggs dyed.

and eggs hidden, hunted, and found.

The 3rd Annual Southtown Easter Egg hunt happened today. Much gathering, hunting and feasting was had.

Calder helped me make our little egg stuffers.

This year, miniature chalkboard necklaces with a small piece of chalk, modeled here by Mr. Monkey.

He also helped (as did my mom) with a batch of marshmallows to share. Delicious! Perfect for any holiday get-together. Wink wink!

Special in his Easter basket this year... a whoopie cushion, which he charmingly refers to as a "tootie toy". That Easter Bunny sure has a 4 year old's humor down pat! "Mom, you've got the gas!"

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Tracy said...

Love the necklaces. Note to self to be more organized and do this next year. Alas, stickers and jelly beans again :) Looks like you had a beautiful day. Happy Easter xo