Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Hunt

We've had a great, full Easter weekend.

Yesterday was the Southtown Families Egg Hunt and Potluck. Each family had put together eggs filled with all sorts of creative and tasty things. All the mamas scattered the eggs about in the daisy-specked grass while the children played with the dads. Then we gathered in a big circle to say "Welcome to Spring!"before sending the littles off with their baskets to hunt and gather. I keep looking at the pictures I took of our circle of friends. It's so so wonderful to have these people around us as we all raise our families. I hope Calder will remember and recognize the specialness of this group of friends.

Calder pre-hunt.

This is a total jiggle-fest movie of the beginning of the egg hunt. Sorry. But I thought it was so cute, all these little kids racing off. That's Calder in the
blue and blue. Right at the end he says, "I found one!"

There were lots of great hiding places in the trunks of these old trees.

And here he is after finding the eggs the Easter Bunny left in his yard today. Pretty similar to what things looked like after the hunt the day before.

Post-hunt we all went to Anita's house for feasting and lingered late into the night. Always eating and lingering. So my style.

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Soon, Then said...

Cute! We are fortunate to have family here in town, and usually spend holidays in each other's company, but I always admire these communities of families that come together and do great things like this. How fun!