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Saturday, June 28, 2014


Today our boy Wilder Lake completes his 4th trip around the sun!

Happy Birthday to you, you silly, wonderful, loving, sweet, imaginative little one!

I hope you have a great day and a wonderful year.  I'm looking forward to celebrating with your friends and family around a backyard campfire with s'mores and a fresh blueberry tart.

I think the wish Lake had of decorating for his birthday with a Christmas tree and the electric train is pretty great, and might be the start of a new tradition.  It's strange, but in a good way, to see those things displayed in the Summertime.  It's manipulating my relationship with the winter holiday automatics, assumptions, and traditions and making room for more of a sense of celebration, pleasure, and happiness.  Horray!

You are a bright star, little Lakey!  We love you!

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Month of Making :: February 13

The breakfast table ready for Valentine's Day.

(Again, feeling thankful for an eclectic collection of materials and supplies… this time, a wide array of hula hoop tape was just the ticket to a quick, easy, and BOLD surprise message.)

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Their answers...

... to the question, "What do you want to be for Halloween?"

Calder: A ghost.

Lake: Juni.  (Juniper.  Lake's best friend.)  He decided this a couple months before Halloween.  I was surprised that Lake, at the age of 3, thought of this sort of costume.  It wasn't until I was in 7th grade that a classmate dressed up as someone we knew, our English teacher Ms. Bray, for Halloween.

Calder's costume came together a few hours before Trick-or-Treating began.  If you ever need a ghost costume, this one's pretty good.

What a funny look on Lake's face.  He's totally messing with me.  Such a straight face for the camera.  Or maybe he's in character?  Once we got out and started ringing doorbells he completely lit up and loved the whole deal.  Those who know Juni - her parents included - were amazed at the resemblance.  (Not that they don't already look a lot alike!)

Jeff and I dressed up a bit too... grabbing from limited, but silly, resources.  And I know everyone's enjoying a little sweet now and then, these days following a fun night of treat gathering.

Friday, October 11, 2013


I was surprised last night by the announcement that there wouldn't be any school today.  Not sure how that one got past me, but there you go... all Friday with both my guys.

After messing around at home all morning, we eventually ventured out to Greengable Gardens.  I love that they grow so many varieties together in the same patch.  Makes for fun, and easy, pumpkin hunting.

See, no trouble finding cute punkins here!

Funny.  Calder went straight for the biggest ones, while Lake picked, one after another, little round pumpkins about as big as his head.  Just right.

We chose a wagon-full with some to carve today, some to carve closer to Halloween, and a couple just to keep pretty for the season.

And back at home (after GTF donuts, of course!) the guys set to carving.  Lake made a "hot balloon", guiding my hand as I made the cuts.  This kid really does have strong, solid ideas about how he wants things to be done.  You have to respect that!  His pumpkin turned out great!

Thanks to a surprise day off from school, our entryway looks ready for any ghost or ghoul or old hallowed soul to come a-knockin'.  Now, all I need to know is, how do you make a simple tiger costume?

Friday, June 28, 2013


Today our little Lake turns three!

Happy Birthday to a most wonderful kid.  Your incredible free spirit, sense of humor, love, friendship and trust of those around you are a joy to see and experience.  We think you're pretty great!

Congratulations on completing your third trip around the sun, Wilder Lake, and a million wishes for happiness and many many more.

One... Two...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A mother's day (so far)

(A lucky thrift shop score I found just before Lake's birth, this tree of life has four figures, Papa, Mama, and two boys, along with a creative menagerie of animals.)

6:35am: Wake to Lake crying from a bad dream about a basketball coming out of his nose.  What?!

Tuck him into bed with Calder and return to my own bed for a last few minutes of rest.

6:45am: All the boys are in the kitchen and, from the bedroom, I hear whispers and the sound of chalk art being made on the chalkboard.

6:50am: Calder and Lake run in to get me up and out of bed to see the "Happy Mother's Day" greeting and artwork they've drawn with Jeff.

7:00am: I make breakfast (waffles) while Jeff does some much-needed yoga.

~ a couple hours pass easily by with waffles, pear sauce, coffee, piano playing, car+trucks+trains ~

9:00am: Jeff and Calder go for a quick bike ride in the neighborhood.  I take a shower.  Lake plays with his cars.

9:30am: Clean and dressed, the boys back from their ride, I set myself down amongst a pile of diapers(!)

10:30: From where I sit on the bed I can...

HEAR: Calder and Jeff playing T-ball in the yard;

SEE: Lake, his long blonde ponytail reaching halfway down his back, completely occupied in the sand boat outside; and

FEEL: Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cloth diapers/liners/covers surrounding me.  We've accumulated so many through Calder and Lake's baby-hood.  They were both out of diapers early, and the bags and boxes of quality bum-covers have taken up space in the closets and bedrooms for far too long.  I'm buried in diapers we haven't needed for years, and it's time to sort through and post them on Craigslist.  A giant cloth-diapering pot-o'-gold for some lucky family.

In and amongst all this, I KNOW: All this, all I see, hear, feel, and do today IS because I am a mama.  It's wonderful and difficult, easy and complex, scary and amazing, trying and fulfilling.  Thanks to my boys (Jeff, included) for all the love and recognition.  You guys made me "Mama", and everything about my life was forever changed.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Little puffy hearts

Happy Valentine's to my boys.

Handmade Puffy Heart Pins to wear today.

Share the love, friends, and have a fun day!

And if you'd like to make your own Puffy Heart Pin...

Place two pieces of fabric right-side together and freehand cut out your heart shape, (roughly 2"x2".)  Sew the hearts together with an 1/8" border, leaving an opening from the bottom point to about 1" up one side.  Turn the heart inside out and fill with wool roving, cotton balls, or your fill of choice.  It would be easy to add some lavender at this point if you wished.  Stitch the opening shut.  Sew the pin back onto the heart.

Give your heart to someone you love, pin it on their sweater, and watch them head off bearing a little bit of your love into their day.


Monday, December 10, 2012

This year's tree

We bought a permit to harvest this year's tree on our own out in the woods.

It's hard to tell if we cut a legal tree or not.  The forest service map showed that most everything 2 miles west of Harlan was public land.  I guess no one will ever know if our sweet little tree is illegal or not.

The river rushed below.  I tramped through thigh-high sword ferns and salal to investigate others, but eventually returned to the little tree right by the side of the road.

Some six feet tall, but the trunk is only an inch in diameter with 6 rings.  It took Jeff all of 10 seconds to cut her down.  Calder could carry it on his own, and it fit in the back of our car.

We had hot chocolate out of thermoses, peppermint Jo-Jo's and mandarins, then wound our way back out of the woods, and brought our little tree home.

The branches sag under the weight of light ornaments... a baby tree to be sure.  Spindly in all her glory.  She is ours this Winter season.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


It's all about the harvest, if you haven't noticed.  Grapes... Apples... and now Pumpkins.

Our usual patch, the one with the tractor that takes you out to the field, wasn't open this year.  But I was actually happy for the simpler pick-in-the-field experience.

It was just enough of an outing in the midst of an already busy weekend.

I know it's important for the littles to feel like they're house is ready for the holiday too.  And even I was beginning to wonder when those squash were going to show up on our porch.  Thanks, kids, for getting us out to that field today!

Now about those costumes....

Saturday, June 30, 2012

A happy birthday party

Just a little post to share some fun from Lake's birthday party.

The grandparents were here and Lake's best buddy, Juniper, and her mom and dad as well.

These two are quite the pair, generally the sweetest of duos.  She's just 5 weeks older.  They shared the typewriter box booster at the table during dinner.  Too cute!

At one point Lake and Juni left the table, just the two, and were found together in the living room playing to their heart's content, singing and happy as could be.  What more could anyone ask for?!

This was my favorite version of Lake's cake to date.  (The one we had the day after he was born was too sweet/white-cake-y for me, and maybe the lemon curd was too much?  And I can't remember what I didn't love about the cake for his first birthday, but it wasn't The One either.)

This year I used an Almond Cake recipe from David Lebovitz.  It was new to me, but exactly what I was looking for.  I made it gluten-free with this mix instead of regular flour, and added 1/4+ teaspoon of xanthum gum to the dry ingredients.  The cake was quite sweet, so I think I'd cut the sugar at least in half next time around.  But the overall flavor and density were really great.  I love almond/marzipan in baking.  Topped the whole thing with a pint and a half of raspberries just-picked from the backyard and a cloud of whipped cream on top... delicious!*  The candied lemon slices were second fiddle to the cake for sure, and not necessarily something I'd repeat.  But they looked cool, all glassy, though, again, too sweet for me.

* This was the inspiration for the rustic styling of Lake's cake.  I have yet to make one, but it sounds delicious to me.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Take me out

Father's Day ball game in front of our house.

Hopefully a new tradition.

And something I'd like to see happen all summer too, please.

I *heart* our neighborhood.