Sunday, September 18, 2011


Went to the coast to fetch fresh tuna, but a lot of other great stuff happened along the way.

Found the way to our beloved Panini's. (Though now that Jeff's nearly quit wheat - so I have too, for the most part - and Calder's quit dairy - for the most part - this has become a rare treat and one we could really only pull off because Daddy wasn't with us.)

Flash back two years ago. Same place. Same boy. Plus the new guy.

An hour on the beach. A new-ish stretch of sand for us to check out. I liked this spot against the jetty where you can see into the water against the rocks. A beautiful clear green on an unexpectedly warm afternoon. I wished we'd had our suits and another adult to make it easier for all of us to try out the water. It wasn't that cold!

Calder and Lake went in opposite directions out here. Only mildly terrifying for a mama trying to keep up with two kiddos. Of course Lake was the one who really wanted to be in the water.

I was blessed with one of those amazing moments where it all finally falls away and we're just the three of us there in the sand, digging, crawling, playing, loving it. This is a wonderful life.

Okay, and we're off to buy the fish. On the docks at the Chelsea Rose, same as last year. Three 20-pounders. (I was buying for 2 people besides myself.) Cut, cleaned, and put on ice for the drive home. I need to can that lovely fish tomorrow! Ashley said she got 25 half-pints. Will hope for the same. Such a deal. (That's $2 something per jar equivalent to the stuff (local, etc, etc.) we buy at the co-op for over $5 per can.)

Beautiful fish. Beautiful boys. Another great day for us. (Well, I suppose the fish wouldn't agree, but they will give us nourishment all year, and for that we are extremely grateful.)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. So, bummed I couldn't be there.

Joy said...

Beautiful beach pics! It looks like it was such a lovely day. I miss you and the boys. Where have we all been? xoxo