Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall upon me

Is anyone else out there a fan of Poi Dog Pondering? I stumbled upon them when I was 16 or 17 when I checked out an interesting looking CD from the city library. They became one of my favorite bands, but I rarely meet another person who's even heard of them. This post's title happens to be the name of one of the songs off that first album.

It also happens to be the truth. A new season is upon us. I'm struggling somewhat to transition gracefully. The house is in serious disarray, and I just plain have a really hard time fully appreciating my days amongst all this clutter. I'm slowly - oh! too slowly! - clearing things out. It feels like spring cleaning. But I'm panicking a bit as I think about the cool, wet months ahead of us and all that inside time. I just don't want to feel suffocated, buried in all the stuff!

On the first day of Fall, in an effort to face the changes with grace, Calder and I ventured out into the early morning before Lake was awake, camera in hand. It was the first foggy dawn, a great time for admiring the spider webs.

The sun coming through across the way.

The profusion of aster blossoms.

The hips on those roses.

Zinnias and the "it's a miracle they ever bloomed" sunflowers. I swear the deer ate these down at least four times this summer!

Oh, do I ever see my baby here.

Best early Fall to you.


Kyrie said...

Ah! We had a Poi Dog Pondering song on our wedding mix. xox!!

Anonymous said...

What lovely photos! I, too, have been dreading the rainy weather that will drive us inside. But these images and musings made me appreciate this fleeting time of year!