Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer: Eating the season

It's been really busy lately. So much so that I've had to write down the week's events in advance so I don't forget anything. I never do that.

Calder's birthday was back on the 19th. The big 4. We had a great day celebrating with 4 generations, yummy summer food (hamburgers, french fries, watermelon and Calder's annual Blackberry/Banana Cake,)...

...and taking turns bouncing on the new-to-us trampoline.

* * *

Summer food and fun continues at neighborhood potlucks...

* * *

And a friend and I even went out to Newport one lovely morning to buy fresh tuna off the boat to bring home and can.

I ended up with 13 non-photogenic 1/2 pints of fresh, local, delicious fish put by.

The littlest longshoreman, Lake, "suffered" his time down on the docks.

Loving the old and new summer foods and traditions. The heavy rain today was a jarring reminder that this season is soon to pass. Grating pears for pear bread the other day helped shine a nice light on what's to come, though I do believe summer's got a few more treats to share with us here in the valley.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful pics, so glad you shared!greetings from cold germany, jo