Monday, June 13, 2011


What is it about foxes? They're small, quick troublemakers. They're mysterious, folkloric, and cute. Sly, outfoxed, foxy... the list goes on.

And I recently realized that two of my most favorite flowers ever are both named after the little forest creature. One is blooming now in the yard, and the other will come on soon.

Oh, foxglove how I love thee. Each flower, I imagine, a just-right slipper for a small paw.

And the drama of the foxtail lily with its height and plume of flowers. Ours is a pale peach. Perfect in enormous flower arrangements in the fancy lobbies of grand hotels. Perfect too in my perennial garden.

I do also have a big place in my heart for the Geum. (Unfortunately, so do the deer.) Oh, and of course my beloved Belladonna.

* * *

Yesterday's good eats according to Lake:

Biscuits at Jen+Lucy's,

Strawberries at Anita's,

Liz's homemade smoothie popcicles.

Hooray for spontaneous food and hours with friends when daddy's away! (Again. This time in SF.)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Miss you guys.

luv, jeff