Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Date with my boy

Calder and I had a couple hours to ourselves this afternoon. (And Gramma C and Lake had a couple hours by themselves. All went well.) It felt so different being with just Calder again. I felt so much more available and willing. I followed his desires. We did an art project, (a secret for Father's Day,) played in the sandbox and planted a flag to mark our peak - I think it was Mt. Shasta (lots of mountain names lately)...

checked on the baby greens...

and had an afternoon chai/steamer, and yes, a cupcake (to go, unfortunately) at our fave coffee shop where we ran into our friends who were doing the same. I remembered the last time Calder and I were there, just the two of us.

By the time we caught up with Gramma C and Lake, the babe had passed out in the stroller and we had to wake him up to get in the car to go home. :(

This photo, by Calder.

In the evening, we biked down the street to celebrate the first day of the year at our extremely local farm stand. Picked up some kale, raab and basil(!). Earlier this spring, down at the fields they put up a 130 x 30 foot greenhouse, and the plants have been growing like crazy in there for months. (Hence the availability of the basil! For reference, I just planted my basil seeds yesterday.) Rainshine offers a CSA box, but we decided instead to give them a certain amount of cash a few months ago when they were hard at work getting all the plants started. Now we have a credit with them and can pick and choose what we want from the farmstand every Tuesday afternoon from now until November. Yay!

In other news...

This photo, by Jeff.

Jeff was recently in Anchorage, AK for work. Among other things (like famous fried chicken and 11pm sunsets, ) he saw this moose by the side of the highway. Wildlife, I tell ya. Jeff's headed out again soon, this time to the Bay Area for a few days. Wish we could go too.

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