Monday, June 13, 2011

4:45 Monday afternoon

My little jam jar of Chariot is doing me good right now. (They found some cases in the Oregon Trader Joe's warehouse, so each of the stores got some. It's apparently a customer favorite. I like it.)

As is the sunshine. (Doing me good, I mean.)

And the fact that Lake is mowing through some just-baked butternut squash. (I know. It's out of season and from Mexico - too far in my opinion - but he's been rejecting so many foods lately. I felt like we had to return to a favorite from earlier times.)

Calder's played really well all afternoon with a new-to-him garbage truck, and has used fake logs to "build" letters on the floor of the studio. (We have done nothing to encourage this letter-making aside from reading to him. In my mind, that's all it takes at this age.) Oh, and I'm pretty sure he got into the face paint crayons.

The mujadara is almost ready. Calder's already asked for it two times in the last 10 minutes.

Jeff comes home tomorrow. Yay!

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