Wednesday, January 27, 2010

While Daddy's away

All kinds of nonsense going on here:

Watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on the TV that now resides in the garage and only comes out on special occasions like when Dada's out of town...

Day 1: smoothies for dinner (loaded with summer's frozen fruit, almond butter and ground flax mind you)...

Day 2: Stopping by the bakery for a cookie in the afternoon followed by pizza for dinner...

And then last night, the first sleepover all by himself at Gram's. What a big boy he's become!

I got the call at 8am that they were headed my way. Funny, even with an empty house last night I still wiled away most of my time doing random things instead of the art that I was always thinking I should be doing. I did get some things started and had an idea for a solution to a problem I'd run into with the work.

Day 3: So today we went out and bought a mylar balloon that I hope will solve my problem. (Odd, right?) Then headed to Interzone for a muffin, coffee cake, mocha and a stack of stories.

And finally landed at the OSU Surplus sale to check their warehouse for anything good. They always have a lot of tempting things for so cheap. But our garage is so full, and I'm trying to clear it out to make room for a possible official studio space. That's exciting and keeps me focused on stuff I might really need for the space. With that in mind, I purchased a set of 3 L-shaped wood shelves for $5 that will be perfect if this studio plan comes to fruition.

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