Monday, May 23, 2011

Beginning and ending with flowers

I gotta say, it's very obvious to me, that with these two boys around I'm not getting a lot of my personal creative projects done. However, I am nowhere near down about this reality. In fact, I will freely admit that these little people are my - now and forever - best contributions and I'll happily return to my own making when they allow.

In the meantime, I will continue to share here - albeit maybe less frequently than I'd like - some of the beauty and adventure (big and small) in the world around me.

* * *

Gramma C and Calder brought me an enormous poppy from her garden. Calder was fascinated with its anatomy and called the big pistil (stigma/style/ovary) inside it "the cupcake".

Doesn't this kid look cute in overalls? Our farmer friend, Elias, let Calder have a go with the tractor on a recent walk down to the farm.

And he confidently took his maiden voyage on the tagalong when he and Jeff rode down to the farmers market last Saturday.

Upon returning, we got Lake set up for his first bike ride too. What a sweet new reality. We're mobile sans fossil fuel. I might look around for a front-mounted kids seat so we can rig up the tagalong on my bike for all three of us to ride while dad's at work.

Yesterday we day-tripped down to Eugene. Had a great time at the Keystone Cafe. (Happy to finally know about some sweet spots down there!) Shopped Down to Earth. Took a walk in the rhododendron gardens up in Hendricks Park, and admired some other spring bloomers as well... though the rhodys were putting on a pretty nice show.

Good stuff.


Carolyn said...

Very inspiring photos! Your kids are so cute!

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Molly said...

i love the image of a threesome on (essentially) one bike! aidan and i rode more often when he fit on the tag-along. now both kids are on multiple speed bikes. george said last night that when they are both proficient at biking (meaning less crying, more riding), we'll make a trip to crater lake. i've never been there. once we're in oregon, we might have to schedule a visit :)