Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice, etc.

I know it's been "forever". And I apologize. Part of me really wishes I were here more often telling you of all the fairy treats and holiday preparations.

But I know that the more time I spend here the less time I'm spending in my flurry and fury of crafting and gift making. It really is so fun and stressful at the same time.

But I'm feeling good people. I think I will be able to take care of it all.

Well, Calder's stocking will still have only his name on it and Lake's won't even have that! What do you put in a 6 month old's stocking anyway?

Some random shots of life here since Thanksgiving is all I've got for now. I'll be back after Christmas with a new little shop adventure and more.

We went on the annual Solstice Walk with friends (99 of them!) down to the river tonight. Such a wonderful tradition. As we circled up at the midpoint of the walk there were a few songs about light, (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, anyone?) and I even got up the gumption to recite my favorite Winter poem. It runs through my head at least once a day and often gets stuck there like a song. I offered it here this time last year.

Be well. Happy Holidays. And welcome Winter... the return of the sun... a lovely Solstice to you.

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Amber said...

Happy Solstice! Hmmm, 6 month old stocking...a teether? I'm afraid I have so very little planned for my own one year old, he has inherited all of his older brothers toys so it is hard when there isn't anything in the world he needs. Thanks for stopping by my blog!