Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for...

The week that brought two days of snow to our doorstep. An unusual thing this early in the season. Sometimes we don't get any all year.

Here we walk Calder to playschool along our snowy route.

Over the bridge with our little creek now holding water.

The sky a white grey that promised flurries all day.

Lake wrapped up warm in the Moby and ready to get back home for his long morning nap.

And when daddy came home early he and the boy had a snowball fight, jumped and jumped on the snow-covered trampoline, built a snowman, and Calder, with his stick, whacked the snow off tree branches just like Peter.

I'm thankful too that the snow's all gone now, it's a little warmer outside, and we were able to share a lovely Thanksgiving meal with a few neighbors.

Tomorrow, more feasting with family, as we will gather again, this time at our house, for Thanksgiving Round Two.

Though, I believe every day is a day to be thankful for. Just listen to the joy this little one has for his big brother. Simple fun is simply wonderful, and isn't this giggle the greatest?

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Tracy said...

oh that giggle! and the snow. sigh. i hope it holds at the cottage until we arrive. thanks for "popping by" my space. always so good to see you there :) love to all! xo