Saturday, November 20, 2010

Amber for Lake

They say it helps with teething pain.

I say, Great! I hope so. And either way, it looks pretty darn cute.

I had seen them online but wondered if I could just make my own. I ended up buying a Baltic amber necklace from a shop in town, taking it apart and restringing it on silk thread to the desired length. (11.5" for a little one fyi.) I tied a knot in-between each bead for safety. (If the necklace breaks there won't be beads everywhere.) And I was able to reuse the amber barrel closure from the original necklace - a feature I had admired on other versions I'd seen online.

It doesn't go in his mouth, just lays against his skin and does its thing. Lake doesn't pay it any mind, and we keep a close eye on him.

If his teeth are shifting around in there (none have emerged) and are giving him some discomfort then I hope wearing this little amber beauty will offer some relief.

In other news...

The season is upon us. Tomorrow is the annual Faerie Brunch with our friends and neighbors where we will choose a name out of a hat to receive sweet surprises between now and Christmas. I've already got a list of little gifts we might make and give. Fun fun!


Anonymous said...

Amber is incredible and unmatched in its natural healing powers - and not just for children. People have used amber for centuries for arthritis, respiratory infections including chronic asthma, as a stress reliever that interacts with the body's nervous system and much, much more. Researchers and scientists have expounded on the exceptional ability of Baltic Amber to thwart infection and enhance immunity. Today, everyone is turning more toward homeopathic medicines - Amber is at the top of the list in it's healing abilities.

Joy said...

My friend used amber for her little girl and said her daughter had far less teething issues than her older son. He does look pretty cute!