Thursday, January 22, 2015


It's not October anymore.

Something a bit more timely for the top o' the blog, okay?

My most amazing friend, Raquel, swept me out of my daily routine with a week-long adventure in Mexico in the first days of 2015.

Rocky's PDX yoga studio, People's Yoga, has done a retreat there the past few years, so she followed their well-sussed path to the town of Sayulita and the lovely little Hotelito Los Sueños.  We weren't there for their retreat, but we did do some yoga of our own thanks to the hotelito's beautiful yoga space,  the iPad, and the most fun and favorite Yoga with Adrienne.  A few pics here from my Instagram.

We beached, and ate, and explored the work of artists and makers who call this little hippie, gypset surfing town home.

Photo by: Cari Marshall

Even had a most-unexpected-but-utterly-happy-making friend reunion with a Long Beach favorite, Cari and her family, who were there visiting their former-Austinite friends Ian and Jeri Lynn.  Perfect timing, to be sure!  We were there for Ian's reveal of his latest completed work.  Amazing.

And Cari was able to join us girls for a boat/snorkeling/whale watching trip out to the Marietas Islands. I highly recommend Stefane and Roberta's outfit.  Intimate and conscientious.  We saw whales on our way out to the islands… my first, and so close!  But on our way back we had an unbelievable encounter with a baby humpback and its mama.  The babe was as hyped up as any toddler, jumping, leaping and flipping out of the water non-stop.  We were so close by, it was rather unbelievable that we were there to see and experience this.  I took no photos just so I could sit and enjoy.  But Roberta took video and will share some good stills from that soon.

We found a favorite spot to eat, Itacate, that served a chile relleno taco I still think about everyday.  And spent time in the evening searching for the best margarita.  (The ones at El Jakal along with their piña coladas, were the tops.)  It was a tough few days, I tell you.

What a wonderful eject from my home life here.  I was so happy to see my people upon returning.  And so happy to be able to carry around a little Mexico memory in my heart as I go about my Oregon Winter days.


Tracy said...

This looks absolutely amazing! (Going to check how far from L.A.!) xoxo

holarubia said...

So thankful that the universe (and Facebook) brought us together in lovely Sayulita! I love seeing Chloe on your blog. :)

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