Sunday, October 19, 2014

'Bout that time

Time for pumpkins...


finding your favorite…

and new friends.

Fall is upon us here in Oregon, and we're doing fine.*

*Truth be told, I am bracing myself for this week of rain that's forecast to start tonight.  We're all stocked up on carrots for juice, Vitamin D, and I'm just beginning my research for a SAD light - I welcome any advice or comments.  As much as I love the idea of rain, sometimes it's hard for me to believe that there's blue sky right above those clouds.

Here's a list of ideas I've had so far to combat the seasonal blues

- lay on the ground and ponder the sky at least once a day no matter the weather
- drink fresh juice
- get above the clouds (Mary's Peak, airplanes)
- weekly studio time with artist/mama friends
- Vitamin D
- get/make a SAD lamp
- exercise (Circuit Weights, a lot more Yoga with Adriene, try rock climbing with Calder)
- travel to someplace warm and sunny (!)

What else!?


Kara said...

I second you on the go somewhere warm and sunny. Last year for the first time, we went somewhere warm and sunny for spring break (Maui). It was the perfect time of year to see sun. I usually make it through the holidays okay, but it is by early spring that I start getting sick of the grey. From January on, I had visions of Maui in my head and then after we came back, I was totally fine with the rain for the next couple of months having gotten plenty of vitamin d. I know a trip to Hawaii isn't affordable every year, so we are trying to figure out what to do this year (maybe visit some family in southern california spring break?). Oh, and I love that Jasmin gal! Such a fun person to be around!

Tracy said...

I think your list looks great. And I know of a good sunny spot to visit ;) xo

Tracy said...

I understand the concern and share it! My solution has been to go outside every day for a minimum of 30 minutes no matter what the weather. It's harder some days than others, but it no matter what kind of weather Mother Nature delivers, I come back feeling some kind of gratitude.

Personal Trainer Guy Putney said...

How adorable! I think a cute little trip like that would certainly combat any of my seasonal blues!