Thursday, January 22, 2015


It's not October anymore.

Something a bit more timely for the top o' the blog, okay?

My most amazing friend, Raquel, swept me out of my daily routine with a week-long adventure in Mexico in the first days of 2015.

Rocky's PDX yoga studio, People's Yoga, has done a retreat there the past few years, so she followed their well-sussed path to the town of Sayulita and the lovely little Hotelito Los Sueños.  We weren't there for their retreat, but we did do some yoga of our own thanks to the hotelito's beautiful yoga space,  the iPad, and the most fun and favorite Yoga with Adrienne.  A few pics here from my Instagram.

We beached, and ate, and explored the work of artists and makers who call this little hippie, gypset surfing town home.

Photo by: Cari Marshall

Even had a most-unexpected-but-utterly-happy-making friend reunion with a Long Beach favorite, Cari and her family, who were there visiting their former-Austinite friends Ian and Jeri Lynn.  Perfect timing, to be sure!  We were there for Ian's reveal of his latest completed work.  Amazing.

And Cari was able to join us girls for a boat/snorkeling/whale watching trip out to the Marietas Islands. I highly recommend Stefane and Roberta's outfit.  Intimate and conscientious.  We saw whales on our way out to the islands… my first, and so close!  But on our way back we had an unbelievable encounter with a baby humpback and its mama.  The babe was as hyped up as any toddler, jumping, leaping and flipping out of the water non-stop.  We were so close by, it was rather unbelievable that we were there to see and experience this.  I took no photos just so I could sit and enjoy.  But Roberta took video and will share some good stills from that soon.

We found a favorite spot to eat, Itacate, that served a chile relleno taco I still think about everyday.  And spent time in the evening searching for the best margarita.  (The ones at El Jakal along with their piña coladas, were the tops.)  It was a tough few days, I tell you.

What a wonderful eject from my home life here.  I was so happy to see my people upon returning.  And so happy to be able to carry around a little Mexico memory in my heart as I go about my Oregon Winter days.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

'Bout that time

Time for pumpkins...


finding your favorite…

and new friends.

Fall is upon us here in Oregon, and we're doing fine.*

*Truth be told, I am bracing myself for this week of rain that's forecast to start tonight.  We're all stocked up on carrots for juice, Vitamin D, and I'm just beginning my research for a SAD light - I welcome any advice or comments.  As much as I love the idea of rain, sometimes it's hard for me to believe that there's blue sky right above those clouds.

Here's a list of ideas I've had so far to combat the seasonal blues

- lay on the ground and ponder the sky at least once a day no matter the weather
- drink fresh juice
- get above the clouds (Mary's Peak, airplanes)
- weekly studio time with artist/mama friends
- Vitamin D
- get/make a SAD lamp
- exercise (Circuit Weights, a lot more Yoga with Adriene, try rock climbing with Calder)
- travel to someplace warm and sunny (!)

What else!?

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

One more thing before summer's over!

Calder and I joined our friends for a repeat of last year's Willamette River float.  3 days/2 nights on the river floating leisurely through geography that is very familiar to us as it's right outside our door.

The float began with a little rain, but quickly drifted into sunny skies and we dried out and were never cold or uncomfortable.

Our sweet umbrellas were perfect for the sun and sent smiles to all who passed us by.

River island camping was so peaceful.  The kids were free to roam and made their own fun.  The big kids were masters of the campfire, sweet with the little ones, and great together.  I love this trip as a transition from summer to school.

The perspective shift of seeing your world from the water, looking up at the night sky from your island just a few miles from home, is so refreshing.  I really love the different view.  Calder does this trip so easily, it must feel really good to him too.  I'm already looking forward to next year.

Waldo, for the record books

The 2014 Southtown Campout at Waldo Lake was another success.

Beautiful weather, and loads of love amongst the kids… so good to see.  Being there is just wonderful, relocating our neighborhood to a gorgeous 5000 ft. elevation mountain lake… one of the clearest in the world, playing in the water and at camp, cooking for each other, eating together, spending full days.

We are so fortunate to have these families and these traditions.  It means so much to me as a parent and a friend, and I know it must mean the world to our kids… in fact, I believe it IS their world, and for that they are so lucky.

Goodness, it's been a while!

Summertime summertime.

For the records… catching up on some summer biggies.

Finally in early August, after Theater Camp and LEGO camp, and lots of long days at work for Jeff, our family was together for full days of travel and exploration visiting friends and places in our beloved Santa Cruz.

The boys, ready and raring for rides, got their first taste of the Boardwalk.  We thought Calder was going to be able to ride the Giant Dipper, but he's got an inch or two to grow.  We made up for it with a splash ride on Logger's Revenge, and he and I took flight on the Cliff Hanger hang gliding ride which was pretty great.  He's outgoing on those rides, for sure!

Got to see our friends, bring the kids together again, and get our boys connected to the people we love but don't get to see as often as we'd like.

Santa Cruz is a busy busy place in the summertime.  I can't say I loved the crowds.  But getting to see and connect with the important people and hit up the best spots was something we needed to do.  Thank goodness we knew the in's and out's of the town so we could dodge traffic and find peaceful spots here and there to touch a bit of our former life as residents of Santa Cruz.

God, that kid's got some hair!!!