Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Farmstand in the evening

Get out of the house.

Walk with your two boys, dressed for rain, through the dark, wet evening. "Is this the time when the skunks come out?" It's just around 4:30.

Reach the dimly lit farmstand. Hug the farmers, friends, really. And love that your boys will be happy here while you shop.

Gather four pounds of carrots for the carrot pudding you're making for Thanksgiving.

Admire, through the dark distance, the dog going to town on an un-skinned sheep's leg. Fresh. Raw. A real prize.

Even in the dim light you know that whatever produce you choose will be beautiful.

The two pumpkin pies will actually be sweet meat if all goes well in the oven tonight.

* * *

A couple times today I found myself at the kitchen window watching the last yellow leaf on the maple dance and twist in the wind. The view into the woods is so open now, but I'm not yet used to looking past the edge.

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