Friday, October 11, 2013


I was surprised last night by the announcement that there wouldn't be any school today.  Not sure how that one got past me, but there you go... all Friday with both my guys.

After messing around at home all morning, we eventually ventured out to Greengable Gardens.  I love that they grow so many varieties together in the same patch.  Makes for fun, and easy, pumpkin hunting.

See, no trouble finding cute punkins here!

Funny.  Calder went straight for the biggest ones, while Lake picked, one after another, little round pumpkins about as big as his head.  Just right.

We chose a wagon-full with some to carve today, some to carve closer to Halloween, and a couple just to keep pretty for the season.

And back at home (after GTF donuts, of course!) the guys set to carving.  Lake made a "hot balloon", guiding my hand as I made the cuts.  This kid really does have strong, solid ideas about how he wants things to be done.  You have to respect that!  His pumpkin turned out great!

Thanks to a surprise day off from school, our entryway looks ready for any ghost or ghoul or old hallowed soul to come a-knockin'.  Now, all I need to know is, how do you make a simple tiger costume?

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Tracy Bartley said...

Looks like a perfect day. xo