Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Back to School

This is the first time I've ever been able to say that... "back to school."

Today is Calder's first day back.  First grade.  And such a different start compared to last year, all confidence and knowing.  He's quite a guy.

There's also tons of things I'd like to lay down here about how we've spent our last weeks of real summer - our first summer sandwiched between school years.  I hope to do the time warp and take this journal backwards.  We've had such great experiences, I can't imagine not sharing our annual campout at Waldo Lake and stories of last weekend's 3-day float on the Willamette.  I'll try to get to all this soon.

But for today we have the boy and his little brother... just right.


LA said...
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LA said...

Have a wonderful year, all! (5774 tonight: Rosh Hashanah). Your post started this year out so sweetly; may it continue so!

Joy said...

1st grade...seriously? How did we let so much time go by? They are so sweet, miss you all.

Tina said...

Calder is your twin!