Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yes. We went to California.

A couple weeks ago we were in California.  The Bay Area.  SF and Santa Cruz for the most part.

It was a trip in honor of our 10th Anniversary, but it also overlapped my 39th birthday.

We did a few tourist-y things - cable car, hot fudge sundae at Ghiradelli, Coit Tower, Lombard St., (so the boys could log those "Must-do's") along with a lot of things many travelers probably wouldn't have on their check lists.

As usual, a lot of the destinations were culinary.  We can't help it.  It's a great way to experience a place, and you gotta eat!

On our list... SF/Berkeley: The Cheese Board, El Metate, Bi-Rite Creamery, Outerlands,  Trouble Coffee (saved my day!,) Burma Superstar, Tartine.  Santa Cruz: Cafe Delmarette, Zachary's, Palomar Taco Bar, Penny Ice Creamery, Verve Coffee, Kelly's, the Bagelry.

It always takes me a bit to adjust to new surroundings, and what I crave most is to feel at ease with the pace of the day.  We chose lunch at El Metate which hit the spot, especially the agua fresca (strawberry, for sure, was the best!)  And it wasn't too much of a jaunt to get over to Bi-Rite for a few scoops (me: orange cardamom, jeff+lake: roasted banana, calder: mint chip.)  Enjoyed our seats in the corner of the shop, and then headed across the street to Mission Dolores Park.  The grassy slope was polka-dotted with people out enjoying the afternoon sun.  And the playground was new and pretty rad.  The boys had a blast, and it was so nice to just BE, hanging out with the SF families, watching the sun shine on the city.

This one totally reminds me of those photos in People magazine, "Jeff Malone with his son, Lake (2), out for some fun at Mission Dolores Park last Wednesday." 

So, maybe I'll dole this out over a few days... photos mostly, from here on out.

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k said...

How fun - I really enjoyed San Francisco, need to get back sometime.