Thursday, January 31, 2013

The streets of San Francisco

The streets of San Francisco put a big old bolt in the tire of our rental.  We spent the morning dealing with getting it fixed.  There were no other replacement cars in the city.

Fine with whatever and whenever, this unexpected circumstance gave us some time to kill downtown.

Goofy faces in the fancypants lobby of the St. Francis.

Pole dancing on the Powell/Hyde line.

Breaks on the downhill for clementines (never be without snacks) on the walk back to get the car.

And then we're on our way.  Outer Sunset.  Such a difference from the rest of the city.  A sense of space.  A different sky.  A different pace.  If I lived in the City...

We ate from Outerlands (ordering at 2:59 means we had take-out on the cool outdoor seating instead of a seat in the restaurant) and afterwards explored General Store.  But I've gotta say, the best was a quick stop in Trouble Coffee.  I didn't know it before entering, but it was exactly what I needed... a little irreverent, welcoming and complimentary of the boys, perfect Americano, place where you knew your friends would be on a Wednesday afternoon.  I'm left to wonder if those freckles on the rosy-cheeked woman were tattooed or if she just felt like it was a freckle kind of day.

I was sorry the boys and I didn't appreciate Burma Superstar the way Jeff had hoped.  We got an unbelievable parking spot in front of the restaurant and were seated right away.  It could have been so great.  Jeff was really looking forward to eating there again, but I wasn't blown away by the flavors and the boys weren't good eaters.  Mmhmm, it was getting a bit tiresome eating out for all our meals.

Even so, we topped off the night with a hot fudge sundae at Ghiradelli.  The sundae was lame and overpriced, the place was deserted and kind of depressing.  But somehow this put a smile on everyone's face, and we went up the hill to bed feeling alright.

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