Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Eep! A sneak peek! And some thoughts...

These little labors of love are almost ready to show!

Lots of time and thought have gone into making these just so.

I'm sorry this sneak peek isn't very revealing at all, but I will have you know I am very fond of my little creations and hope you will be too!  They have kept me so busy and my brain has been completely exercised trying to figure out every little detail.

There will be more time in the kiln, more time in my hands, more of everything before they're ready to be released into the world.  I'm aiming to make them available in two weeks time.  Wish me luck!!

As I said in the previous post, there's a lot of making going on around here. I'm happy and at the same time my brain spins with it all.  These itty bitty ceramic creations, Share the Road t-shirts, a number of other adventures in ceramics as well, maybe even some sewing projects... I feel busy! And I wonder, well, it's all Rebbermade. But I surely don't stick with just one medium.  Does that complicate things when it comes to offering my art for sale?  I love that I feel free enough and competent enough to move from clay to wood to fabric and photography, often combining things in one project if needed. Like it says in my profile up there, "... I must create, execute, make and do." Though, I sometimes long for a name, an umbrella term that explains or allows for all of this art that comes out of me.  My favorite menu item is the one where you get your choice of half a sandwich, soup or salad, and a slice of pie.  A little bit of everything good.  I love the possibilities, and it seems a fitting analogy for the way I create.  But what do you call it?

 "Rebbermade" is surely the truth. And when all is said and done, the fact that my boy, Calder, refers to me, simply, as an artist is all the reassurance I need. His concrete knowing and sharing of that, makes me remember that just because I'm not easily billed as a potter or a painter, I can be accepted and valued as an artist, pure and simple. For all the art I make, all these ideas made real, each one valid and executed to the best of my abilities, is all a true part of me, and what I try so hard to do, and what I want to share with the world.

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k said...

I love that you are comfortable in all these different mediums. All these little peeks look very very good!