Saturday, November 21, 2009


One of Calder's buddies turned three today. I was already in the process of making another matching game like the one I'd made for Calder last Christmas. The timing was perfect and the new set became a present for our little buddy.

I'm planning on making a few to put in the shop.

Might need to invest in some new pinking shears and a sewing machine pretty soon, as the one I've been using I hijacked months ago from our neighbor... and she needs it back to make a quilt!

Some of these photos I took specifically for the project, others were chosen from the general stash but seemed to fit perfectly.

Our local craft store has a pretty good selection of fun fabrics pre-cut into fat quarters. I love all the choices that go into making something like this... the images, the fabric, the color of the felt in-between.

I really do hope I can get it together to put a few of these in the shop before too long. Calder digs his set, and I'm guessing there's other littles out there who would as well.


Anonymous said...

love these :) do they make printable fabric? or did you iron it on? or?? clever girl


Anonymous said...

I want to order a set for Calla's second birthday. I will even lend you the sewing machine:)
PS You are amazing!!

holarubia said...

Oh my gosh these are so great! They'll do so well on Etsy. I want to pre-order a set! :)

hat said...

These are so clever!!!