Friday, March 23, 2012


That day it snowed... it snowed all day.

Never happens here.

The following day, it didn't snow one bit, but what had fallen stuck around for the kids to have a second snow day. Six inches on the ground. (Not much for most, but huge for here.)

Today, the big melt. There's a patch or two hidden here and there, but the renegade snow angels Calder and I laid down in the neighbor's yard last night were gone by the early afternoon. And the gutter drips and drips and drips.

All the daffodils are laying on the ground, and I hope hope hope they will rebound. Trees split and lost their branches all over town under the weight of the heavy, wet snow. I accepted the snow as time went on, but was still kind of spun that we got half a foot of the stuff when I was thinking things were headed more towards Spring. Is this Spring? Unpredictable?

As the snow fell that day, all I could think about was, "I sure do hope the cherries will be okay." Last year was a total bust. We have such awesome neighbor cherries, Bing, Queen Anne, sour. I'd just like to pick some this year, please.

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