Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well, that was a surprise! A second-day-of-Spring snowstorm has landed in our town. It hasn't stopped snowing since I woke hours ago.

We don't have tv anymore, rarely listen to the radio, and didn't check the weather forecast on the dashboard last night, so when Jeff woke up this morning and exclaimed, "It totally snowed!" I think we were all surprised. Wasn't yesterday the first day of Spring?

They didn't close campus, so Jeff had to go to work... on bike as usual. He only wiped out twice, he said. And his arm is just a little tweaked. But the K-12 schools did close, so we're headed over to have chili and cornbread with friends in a bit.

I have looked at the forecast, and snow is predicted for tomorrow as well. We'll see about that. I must say, I'm feeling more ready for Spring than snow, but I'll adjust. We have friends who left for Maui on Monday. They're missing the snow surprise, but I'm guessing they don't really mind. It's a tough call. Wink.

Okay. Guess it's time to get bundled and head out. Enjoy your day, snow, sun or anywhere inbetween.

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k said...

whoa, snow. we have had a few flakes coming down, mixed with rain, supplemented by sun, over the last few days. things seem a bit up in the air weather-wise as we head into spring. i hope you enjoy your snow day!