Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yes, again

We love it here.

Friday we were joined first by two other mamas and their pair of kiddos, and then surprised on site by another 3 friends with their girls. It was a no-school day, so the leaf pullers were out in force.

Progress is good. The tops are being formed. His project has attracted the basketweavers in the community. There are many! And I don't know if he's letting them do their magic on the tops or not. It may be his idea and their know-how, or all Patrick. Either way, each one of these structures will end up with a different topiary-like bobble on its crown.

I just learned a little gem of information from my grandmother back in North Carolina. Turns out there may be a connection between her and the world-famous artist. Will wait 'til I can confirm with him before putting it out here.

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