Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Isn't this cool?

Well, we think so!

We were back at the sculpture site over the weekend, and look at the progress they've made!

These "pods", as I've been calling them, are really beginning to take shape. They're tall and curvy. They allow passage and a place to hide. Just as I expected, Calder loved tucking himself into the narrow spaces inside.

Yes, wearing the same thing as the last time. Who wins at your house? Ease or variety?

We did some defoliation of these red willow twigs and then watched as the artist and volunteers wove them into the piece.

Patrick hasn't been keen on letting the littles get too involved in the construction... defoliation and playing are a-ok.

But Calder did do a little weaving in of some loose ends and made his lasting mark on the installation. He loved it.

We returned this past Tuesday with friends, and were joined by another friend who was working on her radio piece. Laura tried to get some bits of Calder talking about his participation, but the little trickster was playing shy boy.

Next visit: Friday!

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