Thursday, October 20, 2011

Final stretch

We keep coming back. It's been so fun to follow this project from the first days of harvesting and coming up with the initial design all the way through to near-completion.

I think Sunday is the last day for building. We plan on going tomorrow.

Weaving work began yesterday on the 9th, and final, structure. A crew was out, yet again, harvesting willow. My friend, Ashley, and I pulled leaves off alder branches. We'll go again tomorrow and see what more we can do. Our friend, Laura, who does radio pieces for NPR, has put one together about Patrick's work here. She said there's a bit of Calder and myself in the piece. It will air on Monday. I'll share the link then.

So, the little nugget of information I was referring to in the previous post has been confirmed... years ago, not exactly sure when, Patrick worked concurrently as an artist and a house painter. One of the homes he painted in Chapel Hill was my Grandmother's. "Oh, Virginia!" he said when I spoke with him about it yesterday. He is a very nice man with a Southern congeniality, a kindness and personable way about him. I appreciate the recognition he had for my Grandmother, and enjoy imagining their conversations while he worked. That he may have seen a photo of an infant or awkward pre-teen Me all those miles away and years ago, makes me smile. And now we meet here. I love that sort of thing!

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Tracy said...

Oh what a wonderful connection! And this experience is one your boys will carry. Amazing and lovely. xo Such a treat to see it roll out.