Saturday, October 08, 2011

Progress report

We stopped in at the big art project on campus to see how things were going. All the materials are now on site. Piles and piles of willow sorted by size, also vine maple, and some alder, I believe. It's all really lovely material.

There were folks on hand helping with the defoliation of all this green. All leaves to be removed. It carpeted the park with a beautiful green collage that Calder really enjoyed tossing around.

And there were power tools present which always gets Calder. Patrick, the artist, had decided upon his rough idea of the layout - it's going to be really great. Holes were being bored for the foundation pieces, the largest and strongest of the wood. I'm excited that this piece will be so interactive, filled with passages and nooks and crannies to explore.

We're planning breakfast with friends at our favorite spot tomorrow, it's nearby so we should be able to check out the progress - and maybe pull a few leaves - if it's not too rainy.

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