Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine to a four-year-old

MAX ride (Lake's first!) to the Monster truck show (just Calder, Mama and Grandpa Pat)...

Sprinkle donut...

Construction vehicles LEGO kit...

Pretty much a no-brainer for a successful Valentine's Day 'round here.

We made up some little Valentine's for his playmates this morning and will enjoy dinner with Gramma C tonight. That's enough of a treat for these tired parents. We've been the House of the Unwell over here. The kitchen counter looks like an East meets West pharmacy with a little homeopathy thrown in for good measure. A home-cooked dinner that we don't have to make... what a heart-felt gift!

Wishing you all a love-ly day!

P.S. Can you see Calder's shaggy new haircut?! He let me do it last Friday... well, there was the Burst's truffle he picked out with Gramma C hanging over his head for when it was all done... ahhh, parenting!

P.P.S. Lake wants to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day too!


Molly said...

fun times! i've never been to a monster truck show, but i remember my cousin telling me about going to one on a date. this was back in the eighties. she wore a white blouse with a nice wide collar which was covered in little black oil/exhaust stains by the end of the night :)

Soon, Then said...

Great photos! Love the one with the donut! :)
So, its been way too long since I popped in to say hello, blog-friend!
Look at your sweet growing family! :) What beauties! I'm glad to find you happy and well. Happy Valentine's Day!