Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweetmilk Babyshoes

Can you hear the knitting needles clacking? I've been busy over here with a bit of fiber crafting of late.

All the lovely hours that baby Lake spends on my lap nursing or sleeping have resulted in pairs and pairs of colorful woolen booties. I call them Sweetmilk Babyshoes.

The shop is filled with all manner of color combinations and a couple size options. (Small = 0-4 months, Medium = 4-9 months) Please contact me if you have questions or a special color or size request.

I struggled to find a craft I could do when Calder was an infant. I really wanted to create something relevant to mark the time we spent so close together all those early days, weeks and months. Now, with little Lake, I'm so glad I found a way to spend our time with needles, yarn of many colors, and a pile of little woolen shoes to keep those sweet sweet baby toes warm and cozy.

Please, if you get the chance, pop over to my shop and have a look around. I'll be adding more Sweetmilks as they come off the needles, (along with, hopefully, some other fiber surprises. Hint: take a look at the new banner.)


Tracy said...

These are darling. (And I love the new banner!) xo

Joy said...

Rebecca, you are such a crafty mama! I for sure want to check some out for Airlie! We miss you!

a friend to knit with said...

they are SUPER cute!!!

affectioknit said...

Sweet! Happy Valentines Day!