Friday, December 04, 2009

Secret fairies

A bunch of families in our community are playing secret fairies again this year from now until Christmas. I don't think our recipient family reads the blog (*hope*hope*) so I'll be posting the treats here as they're delivered.

I was struggling with inspiration this year, and then last Monday I made it over the hump, had a few ideas, and put our first fairy package together for delivery earlier this week.

I hope our little family enjoyed it! I know I had fun putting it together and Calder enjoyed sneaking it over with me. That's the best part, you know?

Cranberry hearts.

Fudge. Mmmmmm....

And a snowflake making kit.

Now off to figure out what the next set of surprises will be!

1 comment:

Annie said...

I love your cranberry hearts! I'm not sure I'm going to string more this year but I definitely would love to do this too! That fudge looks darn good too! Yum!