Friday, February 05, 2010

Bread :: And other stuff

I have not, up to this point, been a homemade bread baker. It just hasn't grabbed me. I guess I thought I didn't have the patience or schedule for it, not to mention the skill. And I know I've never used a recipe that I really liked. Until yesterday.

Sure it took about 4 hours, and I won't always plan ahead to give myself that kind of time, but I am really pleased with the results. This is the bread that Melissa mentioned a few days ago. I upped the honey as she did, but used the milk and butter as the original recipe suggests. And, perhaps like Melissa, I only had one loaf pan, so when it came time to go in the oven I had half in the pan and the other half free-form on our modified baking stone (a flipped over rimmed cookie sheet sprinkled with cornmeal.)

Forty-some minutes later I pulled two lovely loaves out of our temperamental oven, placed them on racks to cool, and set to wait some more before I could have a taste.

Well, it was good. Real good. I've got a cold right now, so my sense of taste/smell is not 100%, but I think this is a winner recipe. And it'd be just dandy if I could work it into my "routine".

+ + +

Calder fell on the sidewalk last Friday night as we were leaving the women's gymnastics meet on campus. He had his hands in his pockets, so they didn't come out in time to break the fall. He whacked his top lip and rattled his front teeth pretty hard. It was a horrible thing and though no teeth were broken we weren't sure if they had been damaged or were loose. (Totally reminded my of this.) Once he feel asleep, with a top lip puffed out as far as his little nose, I was able to check his teeth and determine that they weren't wobbly. And incredibly, they seem to have locked right back into his gums/jaw, and the big 'ol scab that covered his lip was gone by Tuesday night. Those little people are serious healers! I guess the scab was pretty loose because, while getting ready for bed on Tuesday, Calder turned and said to me, "I took my crust off, mom." Sure enough he had. And he placed it on the floor and promptly ran off to get his (our) camera to document the "thing". Guess my shutter happy self has rubbed off on him!

+ + +

While he was still in the healing stage, the boy helped with another baking project. Biscuits. I didn't adjust the recipe at all, but Calder helped get the butter ready... lots of little pieces. And I think that made all the difference. This time they came out flaky/fluffy on the inside and the edges had a great crispness. The best we've had yet!

+ + +

And before all that, we went on a lovely hike with a few friends. I just think the three of these guys in their little outfits are too cute. Sitting here on the bench eating their sandwiches. And we were all in vests... the three mamas too! It really is a perfect Oregon layer. Just the right amount of warmth and freedom.

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Annotated Margins said...

Nothing beats homemade bread. Yours looks wonderful.