Monday, February 08, 2010

D.I.Y. this bush

Calder did for himself what I could not. He took the scissors to his hair and cut his golden locks.

At first it was done in secret. (His solution for removing some stuck playdough.) But the first cut was so decisive I just let him have at it. He wanted it done. And he wanted to be the one to make the cuts.

So we relocated to in front of a mirror and I held sections of hair while he sliced through with his little kid scissors. He said he was giving himself a haircut like mine... meaning a rather choppy d.i.y. job.

And afterwards, with the floor covered in ringlets, we both went to get our cameras to document the momentous event... what can pretty much be his first haircut ever... and he did it all by himself. I'm still a little sad, but I'm a whole lot relieved.

Title credit: taken from the song "Indie Hair" from the album "No Talking Just Head".


Annotated Margins said...

D.I.Y. haircuts are the best. I've listed my ability to cut my own hair as my special power on a few of the web sites where I hang out.

Molly said...

oh my, that is classic. i still get depressed when my son gets a haircut. as much as i'd love him to have long hair, his hair is just no good long. after his last haircut, he was sad. he told me he had had that hair for years and he missed it. "did it grow back yet?" he asked. "yes, a little bit every day" i always answer.

Anonymous said...

BOLD! Calder takes matters into his own hands ;)

We finally gave Stella a pixie cut so we could see that adorable face under all that hair !

Soon, Then said...

so sweet! What a good mama to give him the ok sign to do it himself. :)