Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hot chocolate and biscuits

Calder and I were at the library yesterday and he pulled a random book off the shelf and asked me to read it to him. We sat down there on the floor and read Best Little Wingman about a young girl whose dad drives a snowplow. She waits anxiously for him to stop by home and pick her up to drive around town in the snowy night. Her mother sends them off with a thermos of hot chocolate and a tin of fresh-baked biscuits which Janny and her dad share in the warm cab of the snowplow.

Those biscuits and hot chocolate sounded too good.

So we came home from the library and cooked some up for lunch.

My go-to source is The Joy of Cooking. The recipes are seemingly the definition of whatever food you're wanting to make. And I wanted plain and simple, buttery, basic rolled biscuits.

They're easy.


And reliable.

We ate them with a little sliced ham and sipped our warm cups of cocoa. It was the perfect little lunch for an overcast fall day.

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Anonymous said...

I am salivating at he memories of those ice cold chicago Sunday mornings after I would get home from my paper route I'd be forced out of bed by the combines aromas of hot buttermilk biscuits and hot chocolate. Oh my sweet goodness.