Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting ready to celebrate

Tomorrow is my birthday. The big(?) 3-6.
My parents were down today for a little early celebrating.

We lunched at Evergreen... Indian buffet = something good for everyone.

Shopped the shoe sale at Footwise and was gifted a pair of these. Finally my ubiquitous Spring through Fall flip flops won't have to deal with all the walking and hiking. And I figured, better to look ahead to warmer days than pursue this Winter boot I've been admiring. (OK. Enough about shoes.)

We came home to share cocoa whipped cream topped chocolate cupcakes... yummy!... with a side of pistachio and raspberry gelatos.

Tomorrow is the secret fairy reveal brunch (slash) my day-of birthday party. I'm anticipating another tasty round of food and fun times with the neighborhood families. I plan on doing a dramatic reading of the infamous second fairy drop, and hope people get a kick out of it.

At 12:28 tonight I'll pass through the eye of 36. I'm looking forward to discovering what lies on the other side.


Annotated Margins said...

Happy Birthday. (I was playing at Zia's across the street yesterday afternoon. If I had known, I'd have crossed the street to play happy birthday on my banjo!)

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday! I am sure (from experience!) that 36 is very very good! (The girls ask me to tell them your fairy drop story again and again!)xo