Sunday, January 10, 2010


lots of little balls... quick, fun, and easy to make... more on their way

If you asked one of the furry, 4-legged's around here I've been busy making cat toys...

mushroom rattle for a baby (there's a bell tucked inside)

... but despite the cats' daily efforts to use them as such, that hasn't been the case so far. I have been fairly busy lately with the hook and yarn. Calder calls it "yarning" which I think is just great.

crochet "tool pouch" so it's all together in one place

A bunch of little things have made it off the hook, but there's a couple larger, more involved projects that are still in progress. No, sitting in the bottom of a basket of toys does not mean I've given up on a project. Nor does the fact that I've started making something else. I'll get around to finishing it all. I'm motivated.

waistband completed for a secret w.i.p.

I'm also inspired... by the fun projects in Kids Crochet. It's just as great as Kids Knitting which taught me to knit with illustrations and explanations that surpassed any accomplished knitter's attempts to teach me in person. I highly recommend both books for anyone at any level. The project selection is creative, well rounded, attractive, and infinitely adaptable.

pointy-topped hat for a little person in a pretty coral/red which doesn't photograph well with my red-sensitive camera :(

My hands are loving being busy making making making.


Anonymous said...

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Fine Little Day said...

I like your place and your photos. Happy belated birthday :)