Monday, January 12, 2009


Yesterday was the Reveal Brunch for the Secret Fairy Santas (or whatever, I don't know what to call it.). We feasted and then all gathered to announce (if we chose to) the name of the family who we gave treats to from early November until New Year's.

We had one last gift for our family, and I had Calder give it to mama Katie while she spoke about their fairy experience. The final gift was one of my calendars which, if given any earlier, would have spoiled the reveal. Though, they were suspicious that it was us from pretty early on.

We did our "drops" mostly on Sunday nights under the cover of darkness. A couple times we had to ring the bell and dive into the bushes so the perishable gifts wouldn't sit out on the porch all night. Those times allowed us to witness their discovery and even have little conversations with the family that went like this... "Thank you fairies." "Welcome," said Calder in his little voice. "Oh, it sounds like we have a very young fairy," said mama Katie. And then as we dashed off into the darkness Calder would giggle and say quietly, "Running away! Running away!"

I remembered to photograph our gifts most of the time, so the following is a recap of the things we made or gathered and shared with our fairy family...

1. Acorn Necklaces (from Molly's tutorial) (One for each family member.)

2. Stick Stars (also from Molly's tutorial) (Darn, forgot to photo. these! There were 5 of different sizes.)

3. Stone Cairns (Gathered at the river and painted or wrapped with string.)

4. Southtown Fairy Mix cd, Sweet + Salty Pecans (from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone), eggnog

5. Handmade Headbands and a Gumdrop Tree kit

6. Winter Poems, Pomander kit, Lacing Card for Sylas (Delivered on Solstice)

7. Caramel Corn with Pistachios, Grape Hyacinth Bulbs for forcing (again, no photo)

8. Rebbermade 2009 Calendar

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