Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ah, Thanksgiving

There it goes, in the history books. And already it's December!

Thanksgiving day was full of food. Too much. All good. I really enjoyed the turkey this year, which is unusual. It was brined and then bar-b-que'd with a little time in the oven at the end to finish off. Very tasty - salty, juicy, smokey.

But I thought it best to just leave you with the pie shots. They were both great. A pumpkin from Raquel... so light!

And the good 'ol Goode Company pecan pie sent all the way from Houston. What a treat! The sugar!

The rest of the weekend was spent around town, Friday with Rocky checking out her new place, considering landscaping and paint colors over white hot chocolate...

... and Richard Scarry. (Gotta love a coffee shop that stocks a library for the littles!)

Saturday found us downtown (with a latte) catching up with my parents who were helping decorate their church for the Advent season.

(I like the new paint job on the ceiling.)

Calder decked out this tree with my mom.

There was a drive by the Pioneer Courthouse Square Christmas tree post-Friday's lighting ceremony, and a fun visit with good friends. We also snuck in a trip to Kenny+Zukes for another round of hot dogs, and Calder and I enjoyed brunch with Julie at OCAC's Hands On Cafe on Sunday before heading home.

I've said it before, but man, we sure do love to eat when we travel... even close to home!

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