Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Empty + Full

Man, Ikea can be a total drain. What a time vacuum. I wish I'd taken a picture of Calder, my mom and I when we arrived this morning just after it opened and then taken another one when we left over 2 hours later hungry, complaining, and dazed. Not that these would be "keeper" portraits... just proof that Ikea can suck life. Oh, and we lost Calder's water bottle there. Bummed. I'm not ruling out the possibility that it would turn up in lost+found, but am thinking it's a long shot.

But, there's nothing wrong with stopping in for some re-fueling at Kenny + Zukes. The hot dog with the works seriously hit the spot. (And a couple gulps of my dad's Coke weren't too shabby either. Moderation people.)

Cute kid, but check the plate... dog. gone.

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