Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday at the farm

Had breakfast this past Saturday with Gramma C out at Gathering Together. Always a wonderful meal. I had the buttermilk+oatmeal pancakes smothered in summer fruit compote (cherries, strawberries, etc.) with house-made pork breakfast sausage. They are so good out there, people.

After our meal we wandered the farm.

Paid a visit to the turkeys - same guys as last time.

Can you believe these waddles? So colorful and grotesque. Beauty and the beast. I couldn't stop staring. These guys make some amazing noises. Besides a pretty funny collective, high-pitched "gobble", the toms also do this amazing full-body shudder that has a noise with it that sounds like someone stomping their foot on the ground. I don't know where the noise comes from. It's not vocal. Could it be that throwing their weight around, so to speak, actually makes a sound?

We visited the alpaca at the farm across the road. Lots of babies and funny hairdos.

And spotted this guy taking care of an abandoned cucumber. (I took this for you, dad.)

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