Monday, August 24, 2009

Gathering together indeed

About a week ago Tracy of Jumilla Stories had sent me an email asking my opinion of the Oregon Coast Aquarium. I replied with a "thumbs up" and an invitation to join us for lunch at Gathering Together Farm on their way from Portland to Newport.

I'm so glad she and the girls were up for the detour. We had a great lunch - started off with all three kinds of potato donuts so how could you go wrong? - and then spent time wandering the farm and visiting with the menagerie. Tracy's got some more great photos here.

It's such an amazingly good feeling to meet and really enjoy the company of someone whom, until now, I had only known through her blog and our emails.

And fingers crossed we'll get to see them very soon on their home turf, as we'll be taking off for a long overdue Southern California adventure in early September.

Hi Tracy, E+K! I hope your drive home was the perfect adventure. We do hope to see you soon!

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Tracy said...

Such a great visit - thank you! Hope to see you again very soon! xo