Saturday, October 24, 2009


In between the rain showers last week we managed our annual trip to the farm for a much loved hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

Calder's favorite part is the ride - a trailer loaded with hay bales pulled by a tractor down a muddy, rutted "road".

I tried to persuade him to have an opinion on which pumpkin we should pick. But in the end it was pretty much my choice. Stem quality is important here - big, twisty, expressive. And since we already had a few little orange pumpkins by our door, the choice from this patch was a mottled green and orange one; fairly traditional in shape.

All Calder was thinking was, "Just get me back on that tractor!"

All I was thinking was, "I'm glad you're having a good time, bub." And, "Thanks for letting me pick the pumpkin."

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Molly said...

i adore your new header!!! and thanks for the reminder about the study buddies - now that we have a new mini orchard in our backyard, i think we'll each pick a buddy to study!