Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We joined the Southtown crew for a trip to Heavenly Harvest farm for pumpkin picking on Sunday.

The corn "crib" was a hit with Calder.

The pumpkins grew big having been watched over all summer by the giant sunflowers.

Taking advantage of the new foot rests on the hayride back up to the barns.

Calder just wanted to watch the tractor pull us all the way home.

Post-pumpkin picking snacks in the barn included Anita's caramel apples. Calder used his to help him climb up the hay bleachers. I picked enough off and he kept on eating.

There was a haybale maze for guys this tall along with a corn maze (in which we got lost numerous times and ended up exiting through the entrance.)

It's so nice to share time with all these families. Everyone here, +/- one or two, is part of our Southtown crew. We sure are a big bunch. Very cool.

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