Thursday, October 01, 2009

Narrowly averted?

Well, the jury's still out.

But, I'm so hoping that I caught it in time. My left forearm up by my elbow started to itch last night. "Uh-oh. Not again." I thought to myself as I pulled up my sleeve to reveal a familiar patch of red blisters in the same spot they were in three years ago.

When I got poison oak in the same spot several times those years ago I was never able to determine exactly which piece of clothing was re-infecting me. I've had some of my favorite hoodies and sweaters hanging in purgatory in the garage just because I wasn't sure exactly who the perpetrator was.

Then yesterday I wore a shirt that I'd found tucked away somewhere in the garage. It was a thrifted, soft, dark blue turtleneck that I'd cut the neck off of to make it more useful in my wardrobe. I knew it had been washed recently, and really didn't suspect it was potentially "the one". But, I guess we know better now.

Gramma C and Aunt Julie were here for dinner when I discovered the unfortunate rash. Ten minutes after they'd left to go home, they were back at the door again bearing remedies from the co-op. Anxious to avoid the steroids of past trips down Poison Oak Lane, I washed the area well with soap and cold water followed by the clay "mask" and homeopathics. For now it looks like all the quick attention has done the trick!

And the shirt was thrown right in the trash. Sayonara!

P.S. Helen pulled through and just laid her first egg - in one of the nesting boxes thank goodness!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Helen!!!
Wat ti go, COOP GOOP!!

Sue said...

Thanks so much for posting about this! My husband has a horrible case of poison oak (I think) and my daughter has a terrible allergy to it, and I never have found a good homeopathic remedy. Just popped over from Luckybeans to email you and VOILA!!!My lucky day!

And another blog to love (w/my morning coffee, of course) to boot!!!


rebecca said...

Update: 5 days into the non-steroid method of managing poison oak i can see the rash going through its phases. so, the homeopathy and "mask" have not rid me of the rash, but they have seemingly quelled its potential spread and have definitely lessened the symptoms. i am a serious scratcher. if something itches then i'll be a-scratching. so, i'd say the "relief mix" from uncle harry's for sure has kept me from doing that. it really masks (that's right) the itch, and i really appreciate it for doing so!