Monday, October 05, 2009

Breakfast Week | Monday

Meeting up with Abby and Kyrie (and whomever else is playing along) for breakfast this morning. Seemed fun, and is pretty much just another excuse to take pictures of minutia, practice with photographing under different lighting conditions, and observe and document the day-to-day.

Today's breakfast was homemade banana bread and coffee with agave syrup and half+half.

I made the bread yesterday using the Joy of Cooking recipe. It was alright. But I checked it against the recipe in Molly's book and think I might try that one next time. I don't know. This one seemed too... light? Is that the right word? It was not lacking moisture, but I think I prefer a more dense crumb. I am so not bummed that I have to try to find a better banana bread recipe. There is no lack of willing taste testers in this small family of three.

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Soon, Then said...

I highly recommend this one (I never used pistachios when I made it)

or this one (I didn't do the lime glaze the second time I made it and it was still TASTY)

I love them both because they have a slight twist. Yum!