Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Breakfast Week | Tuesday

Later in the morning I took myself outside and away from the computer for "breakfast :: round 2". I actually had to make myself go outside. When Calder's at playschool I can burn the time away ostensibly trying to get things done with work and around the house. But really it all seems like misdirected, spazzy energy racing against the clock.

Coffee (as before,) banana bread (as before,) and a handful of the garden's cherry tomatoes (Sun Gold and a variety-unknown volunteer red pear.)

The few moments I spent sitting down for just a minute to enjoy the cool but clear fall morning surrounded by the yard in its state of seasonal decline and birds that I could hear but not see gave me the opportunity to slow down and relax my brain... if only for a moment.

The view from where I sat.

And Jeff, don't you worry. Earlier in the morning, before I remembered the camera, Calder and I had the oatmeal you'd made us... with brown sugar, milk, and raisins.

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abby try again said...

Hi Rebecca!
Your breakfast looks and sounds lovely.
Thanks for playing. I've been meaning to get back to your email about the calendars, but truth is-it is all up in the air. Hope you and your cute family are all well :)