Friday, August 21, 2009

Pour me another

It's been a big summer for beverages. Lots of drinks from scratch. I've been feeling industrious and clearly quite thirsty.

First, from Amanda, there was the sweet, pink Rhubarb Soda, followed closely behind by her intoxicating cousin the Ruby June.

Then we picked up, (again and again,) moscatel vinegar for Brian's sharp and refreshing cooler.

And last week we added three more drinks to the menu. Chilled Peaches in White Wine via Molly at Orangette, Homemade Ginger Ale from Stephanie, and the Dark+Stormy - another from Brian.

Stephanie's ginger syrup is delicious, spicy and sweet. We had some super lame spark water from Trader Joe's, so the drinks were sort of flat, but the taste was there. A lovely homemade ginger ale.

The Dark+Stormys were tasty too. Pretty sweet, but just add more rum to up the edge. I think I've been making mine way too whimpy judging by the color difference between mine and Brian's!

I didn't want the remaining ginger to go to waste, so I cooked it down with more sugar to make candied ginger. (While reading a little Pooh to my kitchen assistant, Calder.)

The candied ginger is super hot, with just a little relief from the sugar. It's good though in small amounts. Maybe I'll stick in on the rim of my next Dark+Stormy.

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