Thursday, June 25, 2009

To your health!

I had to look high and low for this stuff (first seen on the blue hour,) but I'm so happy I persisted. It's become my new drink. Moscatel Vinegar (aka Muscat or Moscato vinegar,) sparkling water and ice.

Use as much vinegar as you like. I think I like mine a little more sharp (more vinegar-y) than others. It's tangy and refreshing. Perfect for sipping while sitting or weeding or watching chickens. Good indoors and even better out!

I finally found the vinegar at Pastaworks' northwest Portland shop, City Market. When I called ahead the woman who answered, Katie, knew right away what I was looking for. In fact, she said it was her favorite vinegar. And to think I was met with blank stares and puzzled shopkeepers at no less than six other stores.


Anonymous said...

isn't it the best? i'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying it. cheers.

Molly said...

ooh - that sounds really good! i'll have to look for muscat vinegar - do you think champagne vinegar would work 'til i find muscat?

Kyrie said...

If you like fizzy-vinegary, you would like kombucha! My summer fave by far. Yum.